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Chapter 1 (Art. 1 – 6) Preliminary Provisions
Chapter 2 (Art. 7 – 16) Processing of personal data
Chapter 3 (Art. 17 – 22) Data Subjects’Rights
Chapter 4 (Art. 23 – 30) Rules
Chapter 5 (Art. 33 – 36) International transfer data
Chapter 6 (Art. 37 – 45) Personal data processing agents
Chapter 7 (Art. 46 – 51) Security and good pratices
Chapter 8 (Art. 52 – 54) Monitoring
Chapter 9 (Art. 55 – 59) The national data protection authority ("ANPD") and the nationalcouncil for protection of personal data and privacy
Chapter-10 (Art. 60 – 65) Final and transitional provisions

Art. 16 The processing of personal data shall be terminated under the following circumstances:

Art. 16

Personal data shall be deleted following the termination of their processing, within the scope and technical limits of the activities, but their storage is authorized for the following purposes:

I – compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by the controller;

II – study by a research entity, ensuring, whenever possible, the anonymization of the personal data;

III – transfer to third parties, provided that the requirements for data processing as provided in this Law are obeyed; or

IV – exclusive use of the controller, with access by third parties being prohibited, and provided the data has been anonymized.